Zee Croy

I offer Craniosacral sessions to adults and children, to support the body to manage injuries, pain, traumatic or adverse events, PTSD, or ongoing stress.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy works with the whole body system, not just the head.
It can be helpful treating acute problems like headaches and back pain, and also more longstanding physical and emotional issues.

Our body and nervous systems can become set at high alert for many reasons. This can promote anxiety, hectic thoughts and lifestyle, stress, irritability, panic or feeling overwhelmed.

It can also contribute to loss of motivation, depression, feelings of disconnection and unexplained pain.

Craniosacral therapy supports people to connect with their body at a deeper level, to access their deeper underlying health within.

Tensions and old patterns can resolve, helping to reset the nervous system’s ‘barometer’, freeing up energy for health and vitality.

Many people find Craniosacral sessions deeply relaxing. The body remembers that it needs less energy to ‘hold it all together’, often giving a sense of lightness, energy, or aliveness following a session.

It can also help to remind the body of its natural stillness and health, encouraging deeper sleep and calm.

How does it work?

Craniosacral therapists place hands on the body, sensitively ‘listening’ to how the natural tides and rhythms in the body are expressed. Areas of stress, strain, compression or inertia can respond to this gentle touch, with release and reintegration into the healthy flow and rhythm.

This can be felt physically, such as the release of a tight area prone to headaches, or muscles round a knee or shoulder.

And may be felt emotionally, as a sense of safety to open and release is experienced.

About me: 

I found Craniosacral therapy 20 years ago, and continue to be fascinated and in awe of the power of the body to unfold and heal. It’s a privilege to witness as a body connects to its core of health, and finds its way through old patterns to greater ease.

One of the osteopathic pioneers of the Craniosacral approach, Rollin Becker, instructed his students to “get out of the way”. This is what I try to do. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is an invitation to the body, not a command, or a manipulation. I sense, hold, invite, and follow, working with the body’s natural orientation towards greater health and ease.

Prior to working as a Craniosacral therapist, I worked with children and adolescents, supporting issues of motivation, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, ASD, ADHD, and additional learning needs.

After some life-changing personal experiences with Craniosacral therapy, for injury and trauma, I was intrigued. It seemed so gentle, and yet the results were so profound. And a lifelong fascination with this beautiful work began.

I am excited by recent scientific research, in particular current neuroscience, as it uncovers the biological systems and connections between bodywork and improved mental well-being.

What has been known intuitively by bodyworkers for millennia, is finally cutting-edge science!

Coming to a session:

Sessions take place fully clothed, on a massage couch or chair as is comfortable.

Loose comfortable clothing works best. Bring socks if in bare feet.

Sessions are an hour long. It works well to leave an hour and 15 minutes, but not essential.

Cost: £45.00 a session.


Do call with any questions, queries, or just a chat to find out more.

Message or call: 07787520983

Or email: zeecranio@gmail.com

Please note that cancellations without 24 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee. This is to cover costs incurred for room booking, travel, and lost appointment time if a slot cannot be filled at short notice.