Come and play in the sand

An Introduction to Sandplay Therapy

A two day course

3 & 4 February or 17 &18 March 2018
10am to 5 pm each day
Cost: £150

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Sandplay Therapy is a fantastic way of working with our innerworlds. Small figures (symbols) are used by placing them in the sand. The work can be carried out in silence or with talking. It is a great way of communicating and discovering our feelings, relationships and life experiences and a powerful way of accessing our unconscious world.

The course will be highly experiential and will also give an introduction to the theory underpinning sandplay therapy. Sandplay therapy involves using miniature figures (symbols) placed in the sand to portray our relationship with our selves and with others. This medium can help us to communicate at a deep and safe level.

This two day workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in their own personal development through the medium of sand and professionals who are thinking of incorporating this creative way of working into their work. The course will be limited to si participants.

Ruth Baker the course facilitator is an experienced sandplay therapist who uses this work effectively with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. She also uses is as part of her work as a supervisor.