Suzy Kuchenberg

As an integrative Counsellor I provide a steady, on-going, boundaried relationship in which there is permission and space to explore thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to express in other relationships.

I invite you to refresh your capacity to stand back and observe your life’s broad themes. I offer my counselling room as somewhere to let go into deeper levels of your self that will support and nourish your ability to enjoy life and all it's challenges with more light. It is a journey of recovering and deepening qualities within you such as vitality, confidence, wisdom, creativity, joy and love. This process involves getting in touch with your strengths and resources as well as attending to difficult emotions such as sadness, anger, pride, despair self-loathing, frustration and grief.

I will help you think psychologically, soothe and stimulate your own psyche and approach the unconscious to unlock energy and vitality hidden in repressed material. I will assist you to listen to yourself and be intimate with your emotional world rather than dictated to by patterns you have not consciously chosen.

I hope to help you by providing a place to be comfortably uncomfortable and experience your growing edge. Uncover the hidden patterns that control the behaviours you would like to change but don’t.

My work is informed by Psychosynthesis, E.F.T (emotional freedom technique), Sedona Method, The Work of Byron Katy, Internal Family Systems and the Journey Work of Brandon Bays.

Training, qualifications & experience
I have a diploma in Advanced Humanistic Counselling. I have  co-facilitated on a training programme designed to present core Psychosynthesis theory and skills to qualified counsellors, and also to the general public.  I have a number of years of clinical practice experience working with people from all walks of life. I am fully insured, supervised and continuously update and refresh my practice with on going study and development

Tel. 01803868427 / 07806209494