Estelle Thistleton

Estelle Thistleton
Estelle Thistleton Constellations Coach and mentor

Systemic Constellations and Relationship Coach

After working extensively in the NHS, The Senior Civil Service, Higher Education, and personal and organisation development where I coached some of the most prominent leaders in public service, I can draw on this experience and training to offer my coaching clients a wide range of psychological, coaching, human potential, spiritual and intuitive development. I offer one to one coaching using all this together with my passion for systemic constellations which has been a most effective tool for understanding and transforming personal, family and group relationships

How Constellations can help:

As a Coach I aim to support a journey into the future that is optimistic and clear eyed. Occasionally we may need to briefly visit the past for a deep dive into a blockage and come up again ready to swim on. I love to work with people who are interested in developing themselves and deepening their experience of life.

Constellations coaching works with the dynamics in the systems we all experience, families, relationships, organisations. It can help us restore the natural feeling of flow we all enjoy when life seems to be really working well. It’s a very positive and uplifting, powerful way to work with issues that may be slowing us down, overwhelming or causing us to feel stuck.

At times we may feel lost or confused and coaching is a way to move through this with insight and compassion and find a new way to move forward. It can lead us to connect with a more authentic version of ourselves and a future we can’t wait to get on with, enjoying with all the zing and vigour we longed for when we were stuck or unhappy. Successful people almost always have a coach. It’s how we make the most of our journey through life, pausing to reflect and learn before moving on again refreshed, with a new plan, some sharper insights, perhaps some accumulated wisdom and compassion.

 My journey:

As part of my own personal and professional development I experienced many years of working with systemic constellations on family and organisational dynamics. As an Organisation Development Facilitator I used the processes in many large organisations and teams to offer a physical map of the underlying dynamics that were shaping behaviour in teams and organisations. Officials, managers, leaders, doctors and other clinicians I worked with were blown away by the experience of seeing in the room, invisible threads of relationships and behaviours that had been hidden but were obviously exerting a powerful effect. This experience gave them insight and choice. Choice is the great gift we acquire when we see our patterns more clearly.

“Systemic coaching and constellations enable respectful access to the hidden dynamics, deep patterns and many resources held in relational systems.”

John Whittington

I trained in constellations with John Whittington who is based in Bristol UK. John is a fantastic coach and communicator who has generously shared his deep experience with systemic constellations and brought it into mainstream coaching. I am a very experienced leadership coach and yet this has given me a tremendous leap forward in my own effectiveness as a coach. I approach this work with passion and a real sense of love and purpose.

Individual Coaching sessions may be conducted online or by telephone.

Coaching is a confidential partnership. I will not at any time either directly or indirectly use any information from or about you and your organisation either during or after the coaching programme and I will not divulge that you are in a coaching relationship without your permission. There are two exceptions to this:

  • Professional Coaches have a Lead Coach, or Supervisor, with whom they discuss their coaching programmes. This is to ensure the integrity of the process and is subject to the same conditions of confidentiality.
  • Please note however that should you choose to disclose involvement in an illegal practice I am obliged to refer the matter appropriately.

My practice abides by the Code of Ethics as defined by the International Coaching Federation

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