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Catherine Sweet

I am a fully qualified and registered Integrative counsellor offering individual therapy in Totnes.

I believe that coming to see a counsellor is about making some time and space in your life to explore things which you are finding challenging.

As a counsellor I will encourage you to talk and express in confidence the unique person you are. I will endeavour to offer you a genuine, reflective and non-judgemental relationship to explore your difficulties.

Sometimes we can become stuck in patterns of thinking and behaving which we feel like we have no control over. You may find it difficult relating to others and/or struggle to feel understood.

This is a place for you to become the expert of you, to look at who you are and the person you would like to become.

Working collaboratively, my hope is that I can encourage you to be more self-directive, more self-confident and expressive. More able to cope with the problems of living and gain more understanding of aspects of yourself and others.

 I have had extensive experience of working with young people aged 13+ and those who use self-harm as a way of surviving their feelings. Due to my previous career as a Veterinary Nurse I also run Mental Health and Resilience workshops for those in the Veterinary Industry. Do get in touch if you would like to know more about how I can support those in your Veterinary Practice. I love to inspire and support those in vocational but stressful industries such as Teaching and Healthcare develop resilience so that they can enjoy their jobs rather than feel knocked sideways due to the pressure and stress they might experience

Please visit my website to find out more about my work. Feel free to contact me via email or call me for an informal chat.

Tel:  07496279517