Ursula HenkelUrsula Henkel

I am an integrative counsellor so I use different therapeutic approaches to support you in whatever you bring to our work together.  I have worked with adults and young people of varying ages, engaging in long or short term work to suit individual needs. Before training in counselling, I spent many years as a teacher in mainstream and special education, both in London, then after returning to Devon in 1995.

In addition to talking therapy, I offer sandplay therapy.  As a process it works at a very deep level in the psyche using symbols. It is largely non-verbal and allows that which may not be fully understood or able to be spoken yet, to be experienced and expressed.   My training in both sandplay therapy and embodied psychotherapy are ongoing and I regularly take part in other CPD training

Everyone has a unique, personal story to tell about their lived experience.  It is with the story you tell that we begin the therapeutic journey. Therapy provides a safe, confidential and protected space to embark on a profound  journey of exploration and change.  Its aim is to support you to live with a growing sense of empowerment, awareness and fulfilment.

It may be that you wish to develop a greater understanding of yourself, what is meaningful and where you want to go next.  There may be a need to explore relationships, overwhelming emotions, the effect of past events on the present, identity and self-esteem.  Perhaps you want to find ways to manage feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression and loss. There are so many reasons people seek and benefit from counselling.

Key to psychotherapy and counselling is the relationship between therapist and client. Sometimes it can feel like an enormous step to reach out and ask for support, requiring much courage. You will be met with warmth, empathy, respect and a heartfelt desire to hear, see and understand your story and how you might envisage the next chapter. The first, introductory session is free of charge so that we can get a feel for what would be right for you and to see if we feel comfortable to work together.  I also have a few reduced cost places for students and those on low income.  Please contact me for details.

Please contact me for further details or to make an initial appointment.

ursulahenkeltherapy@protonmail.com                                                                           ursulahenkeltherapy.co.uk