Thea Platt

Therapy with Thea: Therapy with Thea:
Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy; Life Coaching; Executive Coaching

Why people seek psychotherapy

Do you feel your potential in life is thwarted by past or present difficulties or trauma? Has your equilibrium, confidence and self-esteem been undermined by this? Do you feel disempowered and unable to move forward?

Sometimes, life's difficulties can prevent us from forming healthy relationships with ourselves and others, and prevent us thriving.  I am a UKCP Psychotherapist in training and a qualified Coach, working to support adults suffering with mental and emotional distress find more ease, balance and meaning in their lives.

How I work & my perspective

Working together, we will build a collaborative relationship, using reflection, inquiry and mindfulness, to explore difficult thoughts, feelings, states of mind and body. I will support you to develop a compassionate stance towards yourself, and gain insights into your life, allowing new perspectives and possibilities for change and growth to emerge.

My perspective on the healing process is that we are all inherently well, but this wellness can become obscured by mental and emotional distress, which can be experienced in many ways including depression, sadness, anxiety, climate anxiety, stress, grief, difficulties sustaining relationships, PTSD, trauma, addiction and abuse.  At its best, psychotherapy can enable people to come back into relationship with their natural state of health and wellbeing.

Psychotherapy sessions

Psychotherapy Sessions are on a weekly basis, usually at the same time each week, and last for one hour.

After the first six sessions we will see how things are going and whether it feels useful to continue working together. After that we can continue to review our work together periodically.

A Little More About My Approach to Psychotherapy

I am a UKCP Psychotherapist in Training. I am currently training in Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) with the Karuna Institute. 

CPP is a mindfulness-based form of therapy, grounded in the humanistic school.  CPP also applies a psychodynamic model, with a focus on trauma and attachment in particular.

A little More About Coaching:

As well as being a UKCP trainee psychotherapist, I have an Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching and Mentoring, and also Relational Mindfulness and work both as a life coach and Executive coach.  In my coaching I:

  • - Work with individuals and teams wishing to make positive change in the world, in both big and small ways.
  • - Enable people to find a deeper purpose in their work, balancing career goals with wellbeing and living thriving lives as a result
  • - Support people to discover their gifts and talents and reach their full potential
  • - Help people challenge themselves and achieve their goals without burning out
  • - Supporting people to flourish in the face of uncertainty.

Coaching sessions are usually less frequent than psychotherapy sessions. Initially we would meet every two weeks then meet between every 4-6 weeks depending on your needs.

Coaching will involve a mix of discussion, reflection and inquiry as well as experiential and creative exercises and walking in nature.

Get in touch

I always offer a free first exploratory meeting so you can see if my approach feels right for you. This session will be a one-off session lasting around 45 minutes. There is no obligation to continue and anything you share will be held in confidence.

email: for psychotherapy for coaching