Sylvia Karanthos

Description: Supportive and safe small group to learn and practice the Work of Byron Katie, a powerful tool to become aware of and question the thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that cause difficult emotions (anger, fear, depression) and keep us stuck in old patterns of behaviour. Immerse yourself in inquiry with this simple, yet effective practice and discover the freedom, peace and happiness that comes from undoing those thoughts through ‘The Work’ and allow your mind to return to its true, peaceful, creative nature (for more information, go to 
Individual sessions are available for a reduced rate of £30 while enrolled in the course.
time: Sunday 7pm-9:30pm
cost: £72-£95 for 6 session course, (1st session of course is an introductory evening (£12-15) and open to all, then the group is closed for the duration of the course)
Tel: Sylvia Karathanos 01803 868 379