Room prices

1st June 2015 to 1st September 2016

Therapy Rooms

Length of hireTimeOccaisional user (1)Contracted user (2)
Full day9.00-17.005040
Part day9.00-13.002522
Part day13.30-17.302522
Part day18.00-22.002522
Additional hoursMinimum 2 hours7.50/ hour6.00/hour


 Group/ Training Room

Length of hireTimeOccaisional user Contracted user
3 months minimum
Full day9.00-17.008064
Part day: Morning9.00-13.004034
Part day: Afternoon13.30-17.304034
Part day: Evening18.00-22.004034
Additional hoursMinimum 2 hours10.00/hour8.00/hour
Group Room and Break Out room
Full day9.00-17.0010075
Part day: Morning9.00-13.006045
Part day: Afternoon13.30-17.306045
Part day: Evening18.00-22.006045

1. Occasional Users Rate:
Payment to be made in advance by Standing Order or Bank Transfer

2. Contracted Rate: 3 months initial commitment 2 months notice of leaving.
Payment to be made by Standing Order or Bank Transfer by the 1st of the month in advance.