Rachel Bridgman

I work with young people, families and adults.  I believe that each person is their own 'best expert' and that every individual has the internal resources they need to fulfil their own potential and to achieve that potential we need favourable conditions. I offer you a safe, supportive, empathetic and confidential relationship from which to explore any issues that may be concerning you or negatively affecting your life. I will support and listen to you with non-judgemental understanding - giving you a chance to work your way through these issues. We will explore your situation together and discuss the changes that you would like to make.

A solid therapeutic relationship can offer you; unconditional support, a greater sense of control and acceptance of the things that have been difficult, clearer thinking about your situation and your options, feeling more positive and less overwhelmed, better decision making, learning coping strategies, higher self-esteem, improved relationships.

I love and enjoy my work and see our therapeutic relationship together as a collaborative process so I will always be willing to explain what I'm thinking and offer ideas for things to be doing in session or between sessions.  We can decide together if these ideas work for you.  Some clients like their therapist to mostly listen and support, others like the sessions to be more active.  I can be very flexible to help you get the most out of each appointment.

I also work with and support young people from the age of 11 years. I have been lucky enough to work in secondary schools, at a GP surgery and for 3 charities supporting young people. Our young people face enormous pressures in this fast-paced modern world - it can often feel full of rules but with unclear boundaries. Being given the chance to be supported by someone who is not connected to home, school or university can be both beneficial and empowering and can remove a lot of pressure.  I often work creatively and offer a range of tools for this work, including; crafts, pens, props, games and sand-tray.

I truly believe in the healing ability of nature and am very happy to take our sessions into the great outdoors. Confined spaces can be difficult for some and living in this beautiful area we are able to access a huge space for expression, nature, mindfulness and calm reflection.  If this is something that might appeal to you when thinking about counselling please mention it to me!

It can be daunting deciding whether to begin counselling or not and for this reason, I offer a 20-minute free telephone consultation. This is not a counselling session but will help you decide whether it is the right path for you.

I am a member of the British Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors and adhere to their strict code of ethics.  I am fully insured.

Types of therapy I offer include: Humanistic
Solution-focussed brief therapy
Walking & mindfulness

Who I work with

Young people
Older adults

Things I do to support my own mental health;

Spending time in nature, on the water and on foot

Growing plants and vegetables

Singing, choral, country and a bit of the loud stuff whenever I can (often in my car where I cannot be heard!)


Phone: 07901875910

Email: bridgmancounselling@gmail.com

Website: rachelbridgmancounselling.com