Francisco de Castro

I have been living in the UK since 2019 working as a mental health carer. I became an Essenian therapist 3 years ago but before I already worked as a masseur and healer in Spain and in the Netherlands. I have an education in different massage techniques such as tui na and craniosacral as well as in body therapies (bioenergetics) and shamanism.


The Essenian therapies 

They came to me in 2016 in Spain. They offered me the possibility of making a synthesis of all therapeutic approaches that I was in contact with before. The main difference of these therapies is how subtle and magical they are. It is a very ancient knowledge but very practical too. There are more than 50 treatments available for all kinds of symptoms related to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. They are holistic, simple, deep and extremely effective.

How it works

You read my blog (see the link below) and "sense" if it is something you would like to experience. You can go through the different treatment titles and pick up two or three that you feel would be good for you. You contact me and we talk about it and decide together to book a first session.



Mobile/whatsapp: 07366435034