Fiona Eaton

Supporting people into a place of wholeness is a passion of mine. I have worked with people for 30 years in various face- to- face capacities and I’m still fascinated by the way we are all special, unique and wonderfully made.

Having spent several years along the journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation, I now support others in exploring their own inner territory.

Sometimes we get stuck. It might feel that something is missing? Often this can be as a result of a particular incident but other times we’ve forgotten some of who we are. Whatever the reason, I come alongside people to work together on whatever is in the way of them fulfilling their potential, moving forward and generally feeling more satisfied.

Relationship is fundamental to my work and at the heart of everything I do. Essentially, I am inviting you to connect with me in a relationship where we will explore difficult areas that may be preventing your personal growth or holding you back in some way.

I work with adults and young adults (17 -25) as an integrative counsellor. This means that I draw on a variety of learned and intuitive ways to support your self-inquiry. My work is to come alongside you and use my skills and unique insight with what you bring consciously and subconsciously to enable you to find your own answers.

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