Ellen Hill

Ellen offers short-term counselling and longer-term psychotherapy to both adults and couples. She holds an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Diploma in Supervision. Further training includes accreditation in Interpersonal Psychotherapy; Counselling for Depression and Couples Therapy for Depression. She has 15 years experience working in both private practice and mental health. She is a member of UKCP and BACP and adheres to their Code

Do you need someone to talk to who will really listen and provide a safe space for you to express how you feel? Do you need to talk about something you’ve been bottling up all your life?

 Ellen’s Commitment to You:

  • Provide respect and understanding
  • Take your concerns seriously
  • Help you explore different perspectives
  • Offer you an opportunity to discover your own potential
  • Genuine empathy, guidance and professional support

Counselling believes that becoming more aware of your habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviours, leads to greater understanding which may offer different perspectives and sometimes more choice.

Ellen’s training in Gestalt Psychotherapy focuses on how you are feeling when you tell your story, rather than the content of what is discussed.'Now' is the only moment in which a human being has any direct control, as we have no power to change the past and we can only guess about the future. Often we recognise that past events affect us in our present lives.

Ellen’s approach takes a holistic approach, looking you as a whole person and what is going on for you in your world. Ellen works relationally expressing how we experience one another in relationship, which offers the opportunity of being more genuine to live your life without the need for a protective mask. 

email: ellenh12@hotmail.com

tel.  0776161495033

website: ellenhillcounselling.co.uk